These artificial landmarks and monuments worldwide are famous because of their peculiar location, delightful architecture, and attraction of tourists to ch

The Top 5 Most Famous Landmarks In The World
The Top 5 Most Famous Landmarks In The World

Famous Landmarks in The World

These artificial landmarks and monuments worldwide are famous because of their peculiar location, delightful architecture, and attraction of tourists to charming known places. Each is located on the six continents of our planets: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, and Australia.

These landmarks are an example of great architecture and vision. It is difficult to understand how these landmarks are constructed with limited resources and technology.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

The famous place of the renowned world of art is the leaning tower of Pisa, located in Pisa, Italy. The structure of the building is round, and it was originally designed to have eight stories, but due to arousal of problems, only three towers were completed. The construction was too low as they used soft sandy and unstable soil.

The learned towers tried to be balanced by using different columns on the other side, but they failed to stand it. It is well acknowledged in the world because of its vertical shape. Many people love to spend holidays in Italy to visit this vertically structured tower.

Eiffel Tower-France

One of the well-known landmarks of Europe and the world is Paris, the country of love. It is an amiable tourist destination that attracts the honorary attention of many people worldwide. The ironic body of the Eiffel tower is made up of steel and iron, consisting of 18 thousand and 88 iron pieces. The antenna of this tower is very heightened.

It was built for the celebration of the 100th centenary of the France revolution, which epitomizes democracy. However, a very important icon is related to a very imperative history and meaning. It attracted attention because of its sophisticated architecture and became a proposed location for many couples.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The highest skyscraper is located in Dubai commonly known as Burj Khalifa. It is 2,772 feet in height and is so high that it can be seen from any point in Dubai. It has a total of 163 floors, and each floor is 5m in length. Its structure resembles a stalagmite (the shape of a cone), looking like minerals being craved on the floor.

Anyone who wants to know why it is too famous can easily understand through this line "a city within a city. “It has its alleys, districts, parks, fountains, etc.The inside of the building is as glorious as it is externally. Burj Khalifa is designed in such a way that it is erected against the wind, gravity, and other natural forces.

The air found in this building is also clean as well as it is considered that the flavored air was specially made for it. Such exclusive qualities have made Burj Khalifa a modernized and well-known building in the world, catching people's curiosity to visit it.

Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Each pyramid has an imperial mortuary compound and a temple at its bottom. These Egyptian pyramids were built in those ancient times when there was only manual labor and a lack of constructive machinery. They are only made of brick, sands, and stones to be a house for the dead body of the pharaoh who once ruled Egypt.

The structure of the pyramid's establishment is based on the concept of geometry. One of the reasons for its being too famous today is that it's too overwhelming in the aspect of its size and huge geometrical shape. There is a renowned monument of a lion body with the head of a ruthless pharaoh, the ruler. There are some creepy stories about its establishment; who built it? It will be a mystery, but people visit this place because of its ancient history and huge antique pyramids.