The word “technology” simply enterprises the knowledge and advances of applied sciences. It is based on skills, procedures, and methods.

What Is Technology And How It Impacts On Our Lives
What Is Technology And How It Impacts On Our Lives

Technology  Impacts On Our Lives

The word “technology” simply enterprises the knowledge and advances of applied sciences. It is based on skills, procedures, and methods that take place in scientific research and industrial production. It has changed its meaning with time resulting in more expansion and achievement.So, technology played a very pivotal role in building human development along with variations in cultures. It has provided us with very exceptional ways of improving our lives with such advancements that help us to perform our tasks in a very innovative way. Technology has improved our daily life with extreme advancements such as development in modes of communication, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, education, and sources of income.

Communication technology is now widespread with the invention of fax machines, the telephone, cellular mobile phones, computers most importantly the web (internet). Improvement of it had led to the conversion of relationships in ways like no longer people have to rely on sending physical letters and then waiting for their answer for some days. Now, people can simply contact their loved ones or friends using mobile phones easily.

Basically, with time, everything had gone through progress too. Before contact was only through wire telephone then came mobile phones and after sometime smartphones with internet connection came where anyone could certainly download any app for either texting someone or listening to songs. Social media applications had a brief effect on human socialization.Ultimately, the advent of the internet has made online shopping, bill paying, e-commerce, and online banking easy. In marketing, different sorts of companies are selling many products on the internet. and such companies are playing a vital role in online retailing aspects.

Technology is deliberated to be the driving force behind developments in the therapeutic and healthcare field. Modernized machines have helped out doctors perform their operations magnificently. Due to technology, the lifespan of the common person has increased to eighty percent. It has also resulted in a very curative relationship between doctors and patients. Medical reports access has become easier because of the technological progression in the health care field through the internet.

However, modernization in the transplantation of different organs, artificial organs, and networked sensors are examples of exclusive developments in the healthcare industry. Such modernization has been informative for future doctors. Hospitals use different applications to complete their directorial tasks, using digital marketing to promote their services all over the world People can also directly contact their doctors in case of any emergency. The field of healthcare is so extensive that it is helping doctors in each range whether it’s a chronic disease like cancer or not. Scanning of different diseases has become easy. Adding more to the advent of technology, the education system has also improvised. It has made it easier for students and parents to learn anything at their fingertips.

 For example, if someone wants to teach their child at home they can simply do it with only a click button on the internet. Teachers can communicate with their students across the world through online applications. Students can easily search for any topic on the internet as it is no longer difficult for them to search about that particular topic by reading some books.

In the case of projects, assignments, and research work pupils can discover alternative ideas from the internet by accessing many web resources. Recently in 2020, the pandemic of covid-19 had brought a standard example of using technology for students and working people by facilitating education from home through the internet. The more technology advances, there are more benefits for the students at every level of education.

In the agricultural field, the marks of technology have made farmers easy to work with more efficiency and flexibility. For plant harvesting and breeding many types of equipment have been made to make farmers complete their harvesting more effectively. Such types of equipment are a sort of digital innovation that clearly explains the technology used in this field for harvesting different crops in soil.

Through the internet, farmers can easily take help in deciding how to sow any seed and it can also aware them of climate changes. They can track the range of carbon in the soil before sowing any other seed. With time tools advanced which resulted in sophisticated conversions such as temperature and moisture sensors, GPS technology aerial images, and robotic parts.

Technology is now even going steadier with time in every field. Today, every gadget and machine we are using in our daily is the outcome of this technology in each phase of our life without which we cannot imagine how we will have been living. Besides this, it had also negatively impacted the lives of people such as an increase in cybercrimes, more time using mobile phones, a lack of physical activities, production of weapons, and many more. People are now dependent on it and want to have an extraordinarily inactive lifestyle. Also, we cannot refuse the fact that it had resulted in severe damage to our environment and surroundings.