True Protein is one of Australia's fastest-growing natural supplement brands, with a strong presence on social media.

Reasons Why True Protein Is The Best Supplement Brand
Reasons Why True Protein Is The Best Supplement Brand

True Protein Supplements

True Protein is one of Australia's fastest-growing natural supplement brands, with a strong presence on social media. The ingredients used by True Protein are sourced globally and are clearly labeled on their products. They aim to keep everything transparent for the user and avoid making indefensible health claims

When Was the True Protein Brand introduced?

The official year of the launch of the True Protein brand is 2014. Currently, the fastest-growing brand in the natural supplements category only focuses on a better user experience. It came into existence when its owner could not put their hands on the best supplements for a workout in Australia. He decided to create a brand that would deliver high-quality supplements in Australia.

What Was the Marketing Strategy of True Protein?

After looking into e-commerce marketing strategies, it was introduced on social media. Social media takes time and consistency, but the brand grows instantly once the presence is sensed. Various influencers raised true Protein on their social media accounts, and True powder kept increasing.If you look into the True Proteins Instagram account, you will find videos of different athletes working out and explain about the usage of True Protein Powder in their diet and exercise. This marketing strategy has helped True Protein to grow at a faster rate in the supplement market.Things take time before setting up a proper sales channel, and once it is established, the business is on the route to success if the quality and loyalty of a customer are never compromised.

Who Owns True Protein?

Ben Kierath is the owner and founder of True Protein. He is the reason behind the establishment of one of the fastest-growing supplement businesses in Australia. He could not put his hands on the high-quality workout supplement and decided to introduce his brand in Australia. Rest is history.

Is True Protein a Trusted Brand?

Yes, it is one of the most trusted supplement brands in Australia. The brand focuses on providing high-quality supplements while providing precise ingredient details to its customers. It is a brand loyal to its customer and never provides false information to the users. It is known for having the best supplements taste in Australia.

What are the Reasons Behind True Protein Having the Best Tasting Products?

There are various reasons behind the best-tasting products of True Protein Bars. We have lighted the significant reasons below:

  • Scientifically proven Products
  • 100% Transparency
  • Natural Supplements only
  • Strong Sourcing of Ingredients
  • Huge Variety of Products

Scientifically Proven Products

Everything starts with an idea. Once the concept is in the implementation stage, it is tested repeatedly. Every product is based on proper formulations and is developed under the strict supervision of their personal Sports dietitians. They work hard to provide products that are rich in taste and to keep the body healthy.

100% Transparency

One of the best reasons is that True Protein never hides its ingredients list. You can read about all the ingredients/nutrients mentioned in their products. True Protein is very transparent about using any component and believes in providing the best to its customers.

Natural Supplements Only

The company tends to use only the best ingredients in their products according to the formulation of each product. All components are organic with no fillers or additives, keeping them pure for the customers. Pure ingredients are always handy in a healthy and more vital body.

Strong Sourcing of Ingredients

The company never sources easy or cheap ingredients for its products. The team goes around the globe to extract the best quality raw materials and then blend them in their unit to create a high-quality product for their customers. Everyone prefers the best for their body, and so does the True Protein.

Huge Variety of Products

True Protein tends to keep all its customers happy by possessing various products in multiple flavors. As it is the brand known for best tasting in the market, they plan to cover each customer's choice of flavor.True Protein offers free shipping on orders above $99, and you can check out the wide variety available on their website.

What are the Best Protein Supplements in Australia?

There is tough competition between different brands in the Australian market. Each brand has a product that is considered the best in its category.We have listed below the best protein supplements in the Australian market:

  • Musashi Whey Protein 100%
  • Naked Protein (Powder)
  • Iso Whey (zero)
  • OxyWhey
  • Noway Protein

What Are The Best Selling Products of True Protein?

There are a lot of True products that fall under the best-selling product category. We have extracted a specific list of the best sellers of True.

  • WPI90
  • True Protein Bar
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Prodefine
  • Vegan 85
  • ZMA
  • Collagen
  • Creatine Mono
  • Raw Snack Bar
  • Electrolyte

Always use supplements by consulting with an expert or your doctor. The usage of supplements without any proper advice is strictly prohibited.