In this blog, we will analyze how C4 marked itself as the best choice for fitness concerns and some of its beneficial uses.

C4 Pre-Workout Review
C4 Pre-Workout Review

C4 Pre Workout 

In this blog we will analyze how C4 Pre Workout marked itself as the best choice for fitness concerns and some of its beneficial uses. There are broad quantities of pre workout supplements in the market but they are not as popular as cellucor C4. This supplement is a prime choice for those who love to live in the fitness world and prefer to stay fit..Its use is prohibited under 18s and persons having different allergies or medical conditions.

C4 is a supplement outlined by cellucor firm and people may take it before starting exercises to gain energy, strength and activeness from it. Ergogenic agents like creatine and caffeine increase an individual's effectiveness while doing the workout. Due to high amounts of caffeine, C4 pre workouts are not fit for those expecting a child or breastfeeding.

Ingredients in C4 and their functioning

Caffeine arid elevates energy and nurtures focus

CarnoSyn beta alanine lessens your muscle fatigue for better exercising Folic acid boosts the flowing of blood to muscles and supports muscle growth.Creatine nitrate helps improve training performance, reduces fatigue, covers the difficulty you face after leaving workouts for months and prevents injuries.

Ascorbic acid improves iron absorption

Arginine AKG results in the delivery of nitric acid in the body due to which the flow of blood increases and accumulates performance.

N acetyl L tyrosine boasts CNS functions.

vitaminB6, vitamin B12, and Niacin enhance the disintegration of fat, proteins and carbohydrates to nourish muscle.Calcium will make your bones healthy and exchange the calcium loss with perspiring.

Velvet bean act as a growth hormones stimulator

By what method can you take C4 pre-workout?

One scoop and 6fl.oz. of water, this mixture should be consumed earlier, 20 to 30 minutes of exercise. It would be best if you were mindful of what time of day or night you will use it, but the best time is in the morning or mid day as C4 pre workout contains very effective caffeine. If you are a morning person, you should have a dawn snack with your workout. Empty stomach intake may cause serious term heart problems and increased blood pressure.

When to have C4 pre workout?

Anyone who is gearing up to maintain body fitness can start taking it. But before its use, you should consult your healthcare team. This consultation is essential for those who have any disease, diabetic or pregnant.


According to some people, they enjoy the sweet taste of the C4 powder.

This powder comes in many unique, tasty flavors such as

  • Fruit punch
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Orange Burst
  • Watermelon
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Icy Blue Razz (blue raspberry)

Fruit punch and blue raspberry are loved by many people while some reviewed the sweet taste so they were advised to add more water to thin the sugary taste.

For what type of exercise this C4 pre workout is used?

Exercises are mainly of two types such as aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise includes heavy weightlifting or sprints, while aerobic exercise is simple cycling and jogging or walking.

A pre workout supplement is a foremost choice for an anaerobic workout freak. The benefit you get from anaerobic exercise with this supplement is not as same as in aerobic exercise.

Is it safe to use?

C4 pre workout is thoroughly safe for humans as all the ingredients used are considered harmless and non toxic. You should remain easy while using it and it wouldn't cause any issues during any drug testing.

I am sure C4 pre workout is, so far, the ultimate choice for people who believe in safety and efficiency. This supplement will surely not let down your trust in it. 


On a review basis, the C4 pre workout supplement makes people feel more energetic, increases endurance and enhances the urge to do more reps. Long term use of this may build ease in a particular person that he will no longer feel its effectiveness. However this can be secured after swapping to another C 4 Pre workout with a greater caffeine rate.

After use (side effects)

No side effects have been recorded yet but some people faced an itching sensation that lasted just a few minutes after taking C4. This sensation escapes right after the heart rate is increased. So cellucor called that the beta alanine reaction instigates this. It can be resolved by decreasing the dose or scoops.

Its five products comparison

  • NAME
  • SIZE
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • C4 Original
  • 195g
  • Act as a muscle builder for all training
  • It is not suitable for losing fat
  • C4 ripped Sport
  • 255g
  • Removes fats in the body
  • Not exactly suitable for mass building
  • C4 Ultimate Shred
  • 350g
  • Works for both anaerobic and aerobic exercises
  • It holds a significant quantity of caffeine and cannot be tolerated by people
  • C4 Ultimate
  • 192g
  • Muscle tenacity and muscle mass
  • Provides unsuitable performance and less attention to builders
  • C4 Sport natural
  • zero
  • 212.5g
  • Zero artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Non additives

The actual quantity of beta alanine, caffeine and creatine is not precise on the label


You have finally analyzed the pros and cons of using C4 pre workout which is exceptional for building strong muscles and bones. It would be best if you also tried a pre workout combo with a healthy diet and you will hopefully see the results. This blog gives you every tiny detail about C4 pre workout Supplement and I hope you choose better.