Losing weight is a great challenge. Some people gain weight but cannot control it and have different medical issues. It isn't easy to motivate high-weight

What are Fat burner supplements? |Usage of Fat Burner? | Ingredients used in Fat Burner Supplements?

Fat Burner Supplement

One of the greatest challenge is to reduce weight. Some people can easily gain weight but cannot control it and they develop multiple medical issues. It isn't easy to motivate obese individuals to exercise and follow a strict diet plan.After some research we have found an authentic solution for weight loss. Fat burner Supplement is one of the best option for people who cannot follow a proper diet and exercise plan. Do read the full blog to understand the Fat burner supplements properly.

What is a Fat Burner Supplement?

The primary job of a fat burner supplement is to increase your resting metabolic rate. The ingredients of a fat burner supplement will help you get rid of the extra body fat. Though, medical research is still pending related to the effect of components on your blood pressure and heart rate.

The results of a fat burner supplement are still a question, and no genuine reason is available yet. The fat burner supplement speeds up your metabolism, restricts your appetite, and blocks carbs or fat absorption in the body. If you are already on any medication, these supplements can also interfere with the medical issue.

What does metabolic rate mean?

The metabolic rate means the amount of energy a body uses for a specific period.  A reasonable metabolic rate is 1000-2000 BMR. It means that an individual needs 1000 to 2000 calories to boost up to perform daily tasks in a resting state. The usage of fat burner can stabilise the metabolism rate of a body to assist in the workout. It is important to keep the metabolic rate in mind while planning a workout routine.

The burner supplement is consumed orally so you need to know the exact components you are giving to your body. It is also known as burn capsules or tablets. You can read below the components used in a fat burner supplement


It is usually not found in all fat burner supplements, but some burners with high levels of fiber are on the market. It is a valuable ingredient that balances the energy a body needs.

It helps to control your hunger and prevents your body from absorbing fat while eating. Many ingredients in a fat burner supplement are unknown and can react to your body.


It is one of the most common ingredients used in supplements. It stimulates your nervous system and helps burn calories. In supplements, you will notice the amount of caffeine is higher than typical coffee, chocolate or tea.


Carnitine is a term for several compounds that boost your metabolism and provide energy. It is mainly found in dairy products and meat and is naturally produced by your kidney and liver. The usage of this compound in weight-loss supplements is a question to be asked for better understanding.

Extracts of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most known ingredients for losing weight. It helps burn fat and restricts the absorption of fat in the body to some certain level. There are many other benefits of using green tea, like improving brain functions, preventing the brain from ageing, preventing type 2 diabetes, and many more.


It is another plant component found in an evergreen tree's bark. It is one of the commonly used ingredients in fat burner supplements. Though it is frequently used, it causes adverse effects on your health, like Agitation, increased blood pressure, kidney failure, anxiety, headaches and heart problems.

Do fat burner supplements work or not?

They work by increasing your blood pressure and overall energy expenditure, eventually making you lose weight over time. You must take precautions if you have a medical history of blood pressure. Using fat burner supplements usually causes hypertension.

You might think it is a magical supplement that eventually helps you lose weight, but it is not as it seems. They work by increasing your metabolism, limiting your appetite, and reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs.

Every invention has a theory, and so far, the fat burner supplements only work in theories. TGA/FDA does not approve fat burner supplements. You can never be sure about the ingredients used in developing one. It is easy for manufacturers to make any claims without factual evidence.

Is it safe to use Fat burner supplements?

TGA/FDA does not approve fat burner supplements, and by using them, you will be taking health risks on your own.

The first reason for its effect on health is that you are not sure about the ingredients used in it, as any health authority around the globe does not approve of it. There are high chances of other ingredients usage too that are not mentioned on the box/bottle.

If a supplement is printed "natural" on its product, it doesn't mean it is safe to use unless health authorities approve it. In the past, fat burners have caused health issues to many people consuming them, like kidney failure, seizure, heart attack, anxiety, hypertension, increase in blood pressure, etc.

If you are willing to use fat burner supplements, purchase them from manufacturers approved by health authorities.


You should always consult your doctor before using supplements to avoid health issues. Always purchase supplements which TGA/FDA approves.