The usual modes of entertainment include cards, bridge, squash, cricket, hockey, billiards, wrestling, reading and listening to classical music.

Modes Of Entertainment | Impact Of Entertainment
Modes And Impact Of Entertainment


         Entertainment helps overcome the boredom of life. The universal rules prescribe man for some type of entertainment every eight hours of work. This helps to revitalize his mind and improves his productivity at the next phase of work.

Etymology of the word Entertainment

         According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word entertain was meant “[t]o holds mutually; to hold intertwined.” The word has taken from Latin, inter, means among, and tenure, means to hold. One can infer as “focus attention”

Modes of Entertainment

1. Traditional Modes of Entertainment

           The usual modes of entertainment include cards, bridge, squash, cricket, hockey, billiards, wrestling, reading and listening to classical music. Though time have now changed.

2. Ancient Means of Entertainment

The ancient man developed so much nor this means of entertainment around the nature and animals. He was used to husbandry like keeping that of the parrot, myna, partridge, dog, sheep, bull, cat, pigeon, etc. He also used to have fun hunting. Along with these all, he entertained himself through wrestling, drama, circus, etc.

     3.  New Modes of Entertainment

 These modes include Internet, cable TV, bowling, music concerts, computer games and    clubs. Moreover, web surfing through exciting websites, television on the Net, E-mail transmissions and E-mail pals have become a good form of entertainment. Internet offers limitless opportunities in terms of entertainment. Most of the printing media also have their websites on the internet. In future, the net is likely to appear as a mode for entertainment due to easy and cheap access, new information and effortless surfing.

4. Cable TV

It appeared on the entertainment scenario during the late 70’s. Approximately all of the households of the world get the services of the cable TV network which display films, music operas, conversation and debate shows and songs from the movies are telecast which entertain the people. The music channels like Rangoli, 9XM, are some of the popular English and Hindi music channels. Hindi channels are also providing a great deal of good entertainment.

5. Gaming

           It is a major source of entertainment for children and young people are the computer games.

6. Clubs

This culture is another form of entertainment that started in Pakistan all through the early eighties like the Literary Club, Cigar Club, and Canon Clubs etc. These clubs encourage musical concerts, cocktail parties, dance festivals, games of bridge and billiards and meetings with famous personalities. However, club culture characterizes the wealthy society. The common people cannot afford this kind of entertainment.

7. Cinema

    It is the most powerful and popular means of entertainment in modern times. It is cheap and accessible. It is also a tool that materializes the imaginary events into reality.

       8. Mobile phones

 They are one of the most proven forms of entertainment. It can play movies and songs.

The Need and importance of Entertainment

 Men from ancient times need entertainment. When they tired of life's struggle, they had arranged some events of entertainment. Entertainment fills life with colors. In such a situation, he does not feel like in the work and neither does the person get the desired success in the work. Such need for entertainment becomes unquestionable.

Status of Means of Entertainment in Pakistan

The growing need for man is due to the limited resources. Therefore, there is a need for more means of entertainment. These resources are becoming rare and less available. Today none of the parks are surviving sports grounds. In the absence of these, the nature of the person is becoming irritable, dry, and angry. For this, the means of entertainment should be made accessible to all.

Positive impact of Entertainment

  1. Entertainment is effective for education, cultural and social spheres of people and society.
  2. They have huge impact on the conscious level of childhood.
  3. Now they are better educated than their predecessors.
  4. It promotes the team activities like games and expeditions. It fosters team spirit and develop social value and social skills among them
  5. It also helps in exchanging the desirable socio-cultural norms, and values among different people.

Negative impact of Entertainment

  • It has started a slow degradation of moral values in society.
  • It promotes sexual violence among people.
  • It distracts students from studies which renders failure.
  • It incentivizes overindulgence and promote offences.

Entertainment is indispensable for human life. People must keep in mind that we get so occupied in entertainment that their work starts getting affected by it. Consequently, they become sluggish.