The movie talks about a man who fears growing older. He fears of losing the hope of true love. He fears of not being respected by the people

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American Beauty

American Beauty

American Beauty is an American dramatic film which was released in 1999.It was very critical and box office success which has earned about five Academy Awards along with the best picture one. Alan Ball is its celebrated writer. And it was directed by the veteran Sam Mendes who imbued in it a dark satire of suburban cultural values that delivers sharp prod at a typical middle-class American family. He tried to kill off its flawed yet likable major personae, and still delivers a great message of forgiveness and redemption of human being.

About American Beauty

This movie paints the last few months of the life of a character who is called as Lester Burnham, who also narrates the movie. Lester used to live in an anonymous suburb in an apparently lovelorn marriage with Carolyn, a materialistic real estate agent who is unsatisfied with her levels of success. Their unhappy teenage daughter is Jane. Lester also dislikes his job. Lester and Carolyn accompany to a basketball game at Jane’s high school.There Jane performs with some other cheerleaders, and during the play Lester goes thoroughly besotted with another cheerleader. Jane’s friend Angela discloses that unfair affair to Jane’s horror. However there Angela becomes flattered by the attention. Arriving at home back, Jane encounters a teenage boy next door, Ricky who was busying to record film her with his camcorder.

Ricky’s father is abusive and named as Colonel Fitts from the U.S. Marine Corps who expresses his irritation at the brazenness of a gay couple in the neighborhood while he is taking Ricky to school. Later, Lester and Carolyn visit a real estate business function, where Carolyn introduces Lester to a top salesman whose name is Buddy Kane. Lester notices Ricky working as a servant at the party. When Ricky and Lester make to outside to smoke some drugs, Ricky offers Lester the drug supply.Lester, after eavesdropping Angela, says that she would find him eye-catching while he works out, visits to the garage, puts off his dress, looks at himself in the mirror, and exercise. In the meanwhile, Ricky catches this sight on his camcorder. Later Lester goes to buy the drug of marijuana from Ricky. And Carolyn afterward sees him smoking and working out. Lester is fired from his job, but he successfully negotiates a generous severance pay.

Carolyn starts an affair with Buddy, and Lester gets a job at a fast-food restaurant eventually. Meanwhile, Jane and Ricky become romantically more involved, but Colonel Fitts begins to suspect that Ricky might be a gay. At his new job, Lester catches Carolyn and Buddy red handed kissing while in the drive-through lane. Lester demands from Ricky more marijuana. But at the same time Colonel Fitts sees Ricky rolling a joint for Lester, he suspects that he sees a sexual act taking place between them

Colonel Fitts challenges Ricky, who says that he is a sexual pimp who does it for money. But his father evicts him of the house. Ricky visits to Jane’s house and insults Angela, who has already been fighting with Jane. Colonel Fitts, in noticeable distress, walks to Lester’s garage. Lester asks him to come in, and Colonel Fitts makes many attempts to kiss Lester. Lester gently put downs him. Then Lester goes into the house and finds Angela all alone. He arises to seduce her. But when she tells him that she is still a virgin, he backs off. Lester brings Angela to the kitchen and gives her something to eat. He asks her about Jane and Angela tells him about Jane’s love feelings. Angela inquires Lester about his health. Then he feels himself happy genuinely. Angela leaves the room and someone shoots Lester thus killing him. In a closing hodgepodge, Colonel Fitts is disclosed as the killer, and Lester describes his realization about the beauty of ordinary life.

Production Notes and Credits

·         Studio: DreamWorks Pictures

·         Director: Sam Mendes

·         Writer: Alan Ball

·         Music: Thomas Newman

·         Cinematographer: Conrad Hall


·         Kevin Spacey becomes Lester Burnham.

·         Annette Benning becomes Carolyn Burnham.

·         Thora Birch becomes Jane.

·         Mena Supari becomes Angela.

·         Wes Bentley becomes Ricky.

·         Chris Cooper becomes Colonel Fitts.

·         Peter Gallagher becomes Buddy Kane.

Academy Award Nominations

·         Picture award

·         Lead actor award for Kevin Spacey.

·         Lead actress award for Annette Benning.

·         Cinematography award

·         Direction award for Sam Mendes

·         Editing award

·         Music award

·         Writing award for Alan Ball

The Main Message of American Beauty

     The movie talks about a man who fears growing older. He fears of losing the hope of true love. He fears of not being respected by the people who know him the best. If one never experiences such feelings, one’s life is deficient.