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Top Career Options After The 12th UGC Courses Online
Top Career Options After The 12th

UGC Courses Online

The 12th grade is a turning point as we become one step closer to starting fulfilling professions. But how do you pick a job after your 12th-grade year? Students can access many possibilities and courses in the modern world. And to make the best decision, individuals must either engage in self-reflection or seek the advice of professionals who can help them identify their ideal vocation; one of the best options is to refer to the UGC Courses Online curriculum.

Class twelve has three main divisions: Science, commerce, and humanities. In each of them, students have several employment options. Learn about your possible job alternatives after 12th grade by reading this blog.

Careers in Humanities following High School

For individuals who desire to immerse themselves in Social Science, humanities or the arts are the ideal choice. You will have countless employment options once you have finished your studies. You can refer to UGC Courses online to expand the array of careers and gain more insights about your interest. Several new job opportunities following 12th-grade arts are listed below.

  • Fashion Designing
  • Hotel Management
  • Product Design
  • Shoe Designing
  • Ethnography
  • Depression Counselling
  • Bakery and Confectionery
  • Leather Designing
  • Graphology
  • Writer
  • Poet
  • Drawing Teacher

Popular Humanities Careers

The best professional opportunities following a 12th-grade arts degree courses are listed here:

Mass Communication and Journalism

It is one of the most rewarding employment possibilities available today. After finishing high school, prestigious colleges offer a variety of courses in mass communication. Print media, electronic media, radio journalism, advertising, animation, web design, media research, digital media, and many other topics are covered in it. These are also different forms of mass media.

All of these topics have a wide range and are interdisciplinary. Throughout the years, print and electronic media have become incredibly popular in India. The primary sources of information distribution, newspapers and television channels are available in almost every home. One can do this course online from the UGC Courses online option on the official website of the University Grants Commission.

Digital media are now being employed considerably more often in mass communication, which is no longer just restricted to traditional methods of information distribution since the invention of the internet. It has developed into a sizable segment of the country's employment industry. In this field, there are several appealing job opportunities, including:

  • Anchor
  • News
  • Reporter
  • Professor
  • Writer
  • Video Editor
  • T.V. Producer
  • Radio Producer
  • Photo Journalist


Law or legal studies are once more one of the most sought-after job possibilities after 12th grade. There are world-class law courses based in prestigious institutions and colleges. It provides a wide range of transdisciplinary disciplines.

Moreover, applicants have a variety of specialties to select from, including labor law, corporate law, business law, criminal law, cyber law, and environmental law. Your career can advance with a professional degree in this field; one of the best ways is to refer to UGC Courses online and gain more knowledge about law and related fields.

Careers in Science following High School

In class 12th, the Science stream is regarded as the most difficult. There are several profitable job opportunities, including MBBS, in this area of study. Architecture, dentistry, engineering, and many more fields. In addition, careers in Science and technology are quite popular since they may pay well when you complete your 12th-grade science requirements. One way to gain more knowledge about Science is through UGC Courses online.

Popular Science Careers

These are some promising employment prospects for those that study Science in the 12th grade:


When choosing a course, many students who like studying biology choose MBBS. Biology in class 12 is required to enroll in this course. The five-year MBBS program comprises academic work, clinical and hospital training, and internships. Also, you might look into opportunities for M.D. study abroad. Students refer to UGC Courses online as it provides them with useful resources for the medical field.


Engineering is a promising job that has once again transformed the entire planet. With the many transdisciplinary courses available, it is seen to be one of the jobs with the most potential in the twenty-first century. After completing the 12th grade, engineering has emerged as one of the most promising professional paths, and with the announcement by the University Grants Commission of their UGC Courses Online system, non-engineering students are also able to gain insights into the engineering field.


You can specialize in a wide range of subdisciplines of architecture, including urban design, landscape architecture, sustainable architecture, interior design, architectural conservation, etc. If you decide to become an architect, you will design and renovate several types of structures, including office buildings and apartment buildings. Also, you could be asked to provide customized designs following your client's requirements.

Merchant Navy

The merchant navy facilitates global trade with the movement of products, freight, and commercial objects. For individuals with an adventurous spirit, this career is quite fulfilling because it involves taking long trips abroad and exploring the oceans to their farthest depths.


The aviation industry has a lot of promise and potential. Aviation is the ideal career for you if you can make judgments quickly, are physically fit, and have excellent communication skills. One of the industries with the highest salaries is aviation. While working, you can travel to other parts of the globe.

Careers in Commerce following High School

From BBA, BCom, and B.A. From economics at the undergraduate level to MBA, MIM, MIS, and PGDM at the graduate level, students have access to some of the highest-paying career opportunities in the commerce industry. Interdisciplinary areas like B.Com or BBA to Integrated Law Program are regarded to offer the highest earnings for commerce students.

Popular Commerce Careers

These are some popular careers you may pursue in the commerce stream:


It is the study of how products, services, and resources are created, transferred, and used. To forecast market trends, develop economic theories and models, and offer solutions to economic problems, economists do research and analyze data. As there is a great need for skilled economists in consulting businesses, private banks, and the public sector both in India and abroad, the discipline has a very bright future.

Chartered Accountancy (C.A.)

Chartered Accountant (C.A), a globally recognized professional qualification offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, is one of the most well-known and well-liked career options for commerce students after completing their secondary education (ICAI).

A Chartered Accountant works in a variety of business areas, including audit, taxation, investment, finance, etc., to boost a company's profitability. There are many sources available over the internet to prepare for C.A. exams, including the UGC courses online system.

Company Secretary (C.S.)

A corporation's efficient administration is handled by the company secretary, who is especially responsible for ensuring legal and statutory compliance and governance-related matters, including ensuring that the board of directors' decisions are carried out.

Giving business advice, handling conflict of interest problems, recommending how to create financial reports, formulating corporate strategy, helping with planning, and delivering legal counsel are all part of their duties.

Bank P.O.

An individual starts out as a trainee in the entry-level post of probationary bank officer (P.O.). Both public and private banks provide bank officer examinations. The applicants must do a variety of tasks linked to a bank's everyday operations throughout their two-year probationary term, including managing cash flow, dealing with client complaints, overseeing clerical work, processing and approving loans, providing ATM cards and checkbooks, etc.

After the probationary term, the applicant is promoted to assistant manager with the goal of eventually becoming the branch manager and advancing to higher positions.


Helping companies and people with their financial planning decisions, keeping track of cash flow, managing assets and liabilities, obtaining money for growth, and managing company operations are all part of a career in finance. A solid understanding of economics and accounting principles, a talent for numbers and statistics, and analytical thinking are among the traits common to employment in finance.

The Bottom Line

These were some of the top-notch career options available in the respective domains of Science, Arts, and Commerce. However, there are many more career options available in the market. One must make an informed career choice after clearly analyzing his/her goals as well as skills and abilities.